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About Dynamic Defense Concepts LLC

Dynamic Defense Concepts, (DDC) is a firearms and self defense training company based in Columbia, MD USA. It was founded and developed by certified instructors Matt Ketteringham and Trevor Scheuneman to address a specific need.

Matt and Trevor recognized a missing link in the self protection industry between instruction in firearms techniques and self defense fighting systems.

Therefore, along with offering standardized courses such as the NRA basic firearms curriculum, the instructors at DDC have developed a series of seminars that are unique in the industry.  These seminars combine dynamic firearms manipulation with practical street fighting, and combat proven self defense systems. Our students learn techniques that are intuitive, highly effective, and based on the natural biomechanics of the human body.>
Whether the student is a firearms novice, or a highly skilled martial arts practitioner, opportunities to train in this "holistic" approach to self defense are rare.

DDC instructors are highly skilled and certified.  They have a safety first mindset and will make an extra effort to be engaging, courteous, and approachable, breaking the "tacticool operator" stereotype.  We believe that it is not necessary to project an aggressive, macho demeanor in our classes, therefore, clients can be assured that they will feel welcomed and not intimidated.  This is just one of the reasons why DDC is an excellent choice for those individuals who are just becoming interested in firearms, and/or self defense.


*Dynamic Defense Concepts is a Limited Liability Company, and is fully licensed and insured.


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